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As a service partner we strive to design and deliver exactly the right solution for each customer as a unique business.
In the dialogue and procurement phases we engage with customers and listen closely to their needs, ambitions, strategies and issues.
We use these as the drivers to develop the solution, collaborating with customers in the process of design and implementation. 
Throughout the contract relationship we remain flexible, adapting to change and using customer feedback to adjust the service.

Our aim is to ensure that the solution is optimised in its effectiveness for your business, and agile in the way it is developed and improved.

Real estate strategy alignment
Our collaborative and partnership approach means that we fully align to each customer’s specific strategic and service objectives. Our service organisation, resource management and process frameworks are tailored to deliver the customer’s objectives.
Our integrated self-delivery model is a fully scalable solution, enabling ISS to flexibly ramp up or scale down service intensities at sites to match your changing needs. We use demand management techniques to pool resources for flexible and cost-effective deployment.

Critical assets and compliance
Our Integrated Critical Engineering regime plans the maintenance and continuity of critical systems to assure uptime. We use our asset database to log all customer assets and then apply business-focused maintenance to reduce costs while improving performance and value.

Global reach
ISS’ global capacity covers all regions. Our fully integrated service model means we can deliver the whole scope of facilities services. Our Operations Process Framework enables us to rapidly transition to a high performing and consistent solution which harmonises service delivery standards and quality. 

Brand protection
We use robust risk management processes to cover compliance requirements and evidence them through audit trails. This is supported by gap closure plans that quickly address and correct compliance issues with permanent solutions.

Cost savings
These are delivered from day one. And our self-delivery efficiencies and team synergies, allied to our innovation programmes, mean that we maintain the forward pressure for continuing savings throughout the contract.
Energy savings
Our innovative solutions monitor consumption, target high usage areas and apply energy efficiency measures to reduce costs. We support this with a business case approach to evaluating investment projects that accurately projects the outcomes of ‘spend to save’ projects and the ROI.

The ISS business intelligence solution Insight@ISS provides continuously updated benchmarking dashboards across the whole portfolio. This leverages data on service levels and costs, enabling accurate service decisions.

ISS self-delivery fully rationalises the supply chain and creates a single interface between the customer and ISS for the facilities services. This reduces facilities costs and enables client-side reductions and streamlining. 

Core business focus
We take full ownership of facilities tasks and deliver best in class services, focused on supporting customers’ operations and the effectiveness of their employees. We free your people to focus on driving your core business. 

Facilities excellence
We leverage ISS investment in innovation through our centres of excellence, subject matter experts, account knowledge forums, ISS Academies and innovation programmes. We draw best practice from each account and find ways to apply it in every other account, to add value and excellence to what we deliver for our customers.

Integrated Facility Services

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Learn about ISS' approach to Integrated Facility Services and the value we bring to fulfill your purpose.
The IFS delivery model is relatively new to the market and unique to ISS.

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ISS Customer reference book

The ISS Customer Reference book 2013-2014 for the Business services & IT industry demonstrates how a wide variety of leading companies benefit from partnering with us.

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