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ISS is results oriented and we believe that customers want to see measurable performance in terms of quality improvement, cost reduction, high user satisfaction and optimal value.
We ensure that targets, data capture and KPI regimes are aligned to customer objectives, so that the results we achieve have a positive impact on your business.

Our goal is to support your value creation by delivering optimum value in facilities services and we self-monitor our delivery quality and account development initiatives to drive this.

  • Achievement of strategic, tactical and operational KPI targets is captured and reported to enable strong governance. We provide continuously refreshed benchmarking information on service levels and costs from all sites to support customer decision making
  • We add insight by capturing and reporting reduction in whole lifecycle costs as an outcome of business-focused maintenance regimes
  • Outcomes from changes and capex projects include the reporting of reductions in overall portfolio costs
  • Our energy reduction solutions include granular level analysis and reporting of energy costs and the savings achieved

  • Our self-monitoring of compliance levels includes reporting against key requirements and internal audit reports
  • Gap closure plans are developed to raise standards for designated sites and progress against these is systematically reported to customer managers
  • Rapid service ramping or reduction in line and adjustment of service levels and costs

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Over the past few years, ISS has published a series of 5 white books on future perspectives on the FM industry - aiming to provide insights on different aspects of the industry.

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